DBSK PINKY 3月: TVXQ tattletales



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JJ March Issue – Jaejoong’s Part

I have nothing special to do. I just want us to walk on the street together.

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Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide was Released in Korea

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide is TVXQ’s 25th single which was released in Japan on January 21st and became ORICON topper both in Daily and Weekly Chart, thus makes TVXQ as the first foreign group who breaks ORICON top #1 for 6 times in Daily basis and 5 conscutive times in Weekly basis in Japan.

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Danger red light flashes for group Brand New Day

3-member female power ballad group Brand New Day member SooAh has been reported to have vocal cord tubercle.

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2008’s Top Domestic Movies at Japanese Box Office (Final)

Ponyo, Hana Yori Dango Final topped all films, including Indiana Jones

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One Week of KAT-TUN…Tokyo Dome

On the 22nd of this month, the plans for the popular group “KAT-TUN” to have 7 continuous days of concerts (May 15 – 21) at Tokyo Dome have been revealed. The record for the most continuous days of concerts at Tokyo Dome since it was opened in 1988 is already held by KAT-TUN with 4 days. Knowing they’ll be breaking their own record the members have said “They’re letting us do something amazing” and “We want to do our best.”, promising to work hard.

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Jay Chou’s 9-year-old partner deemed as the youngest B-Boy

Clad in a striking golden jacket during a China CCTV’s Lunar New Year Eve programme, the King of R&B, Jay Chou, nonetheless still lost audiences’ attention; 9-year-old boy, Hou-Gao Jiaojie, who performed the song “Herbalist’s Manual” with Chou, won it all.

Also wearing a golden jacket, Hou-Gao’s brief rapping and Hip Hop moves won the applause of many audiences. Born in Aug 1999, netizens call him “Baby Hou-Gao Jiao Jie”.

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