08 Yearly Figure – Heechul + Donghae + SJM

“A Class of Entertainment” has been getting a lot of attention from Ifensi netizens. After 100,000 netizens participating in the voting, Jackie Chan, JJ Lin, Kim Heechul, Ariel Lin, He Jie, Li Na, DBSK, Lee Donghae, Wilbur Pan and Edison Chen, 10 artists surpassed the rest, voted the 2008 yearly figure by netizens.

“Exceptional group” had a tough time being settled. At the end, DBSK won first with SJ-M and Top Combine being second and third respectively. However Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, and Henry beat Lee Junki having the titles of “Excellent Transient Student“, letting SJ-M win one more point.


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