Kim Hyun Joong is Hurting


It was reported today that Kim Hyun Joong is suffering from severe back pain at the moment which he sustained in a car accident late last month.

While on his way to the Boys Before Flowers Sinchon film set on 21st January, the van that Hyun Joong was in had collided with another vehicle at the Gwanghwamun intersection near Cheonggyecheon.

Although it was reported then that Hyun Joong was merely startled with no significant injuries, it was now revealed that Hyun Joong had in fact felt some pain in his back. Doctors at the local medical facility had advised Hyun Joong to be warded for treatment but because of the tight filming schedule for Boys Before Flowers, DSP Entertainment had no choice but to push the treatment period to the end of March, until filming for the drama concludes.


A DSP Entertainment representative expressed, “Hyun Joong’s back isn’t in the best condition right now. All his activities will be stopped after filming ends. He will then undergo a full month of treatment. SS501 plans for an album release this April in Japan will now be pushed back to May instead. Hyun Joong has commercials waiting to be filmed after Boys Before Flowers ends in late March but we will be adjusting his schedule to make sure he gets sufficient rest.”

Meanwhile, reports of Kim Hyun Joong fainting due to fatique yesterday has been dismissed by DSP Entertainment as exaggeration by the media. Their explanation was that Hyun Joong was supposed to be filming a commercial yesterday but it was shelved due to changes in schedule, so he was able to rest for that day. But the media overreacted.


6 Responses

  1. HJ sooooooo cute!!!
    he must has hard time…

  2. awww hyun joong oppa fighting!!!! T_T
    please be more careful and stay healthy :]
    lots of love~ ❤

  3. …stay healthy…

  4. kim hyun joon ku te nhaT’ trong phjm ak”…..:d iu a y” nhiU….:P

  5. kim hyun joong penGen dun diajarin maEN GITARNA…….HEHEHE………. KEREN BGT SIH……………………………………………………………

  6. he’s so cute… what a sad news that he’s injured… hope he’lll recover soon…

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