Lee Minwoo cannot accept a woman with a past

Singer Lee Minwoo shared his views on “women with a past” for the 19th Feb episode of SBS Love Generation.

The discussion topic was, “If my partner tells me that ‘I was married before and I have a child’, can I accept her?” Lee Minwoo replied matter-of-factly, “I won’t be able to accept her. I can’t raise a child who’s not mine.” Although the other guests felt that it was a little too heartless, but Lee Minwoo stuck to his stand.

Baek Ji Young however had a different opinion. “If I can accept his past marriage, I’ll be able to accept his child. It’s history, so I won’t really mind too much. But of course it still takes time to come to terms with it.”

Female guests mostly agreed with Baek Ji Young, while male guests mostly took Lee Minwoo’s stand.

This episode will be shown on 19th Feb at 11.05pm.

Source: Go News
Chi trans: 静天依@isay81


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