Male balladeers take on SNSD

Since the New Year up til now, the music scene has been ruled by SNSD, whose ‘Gee’ has topped music charts everywhere.

Selling a total of 80,000 copies since 17th Jan, it seems possible that SNSD may be the first to break the 100,000 mark in terms of record sales this year. ‘Gee’ has also topped the charts on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo for several weeks now. Judging from the state of things from mid-Jan until now, it seems like an uphill task to find worthy rivals to the girls.

However, male balladeers are set to make their comebacks soon, and their power over charts and sales means that they could put up a strong fight against the SNSD girls.

Among these singers are Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung and male duo Fly To The Sky.

Shin Hyesung has released his latest ballad album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’, on 17th Feb, and is now back to meet his fans with his melancholic vocals. Featuring the title track, ‘Why Did You Call’, the album has made an astounding impact on the day of its release. As of 3pm on 17th Feb, the album has already reached #1 on several major music sites.

Having made his debut with Shinhwa in 1998, together with FTTS who made their debut in 1999, these talented singers have achieved commercial and critical success.

In fact, Shin Hyesung’s first solo album released in May 2005 had sold 180,000 copies that year, and his 2nd album in 2007 also sold close to 100,000 copies.

With such strong contenders making their comebacks, a tough battle between the male balladeers and SNSD is highly anticipated.


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