Masaaki Uchino stars in “Rinjo”

“Rinjo,” a novel by “Climber’s High” author Hideo Yokoyama, is being adapted into a live-action series on TV Asahi. Masaaki Uchino has been cast in the lead role.

First published in 2004, “Rinjo” revolves around Yoshio Kuraishi, a legendary coroner with a keen eye for evidence, played by Uchino. The term “rinjo” is said to be police slang for the initial investigation carried out at the scene of the crime.

Uchino’s supporting cast includes Yuki Matsushita, Masanobu Takashima, and Dai Watanabe.

“Rinjo” starts in April and will run in TV Asahi’s Wednesday 9:00pm time slot, known for long-running mystery series such as “Aibou” and “Hagure Keiji Junjoha.” Last summer, Uchino starred in “Gonzo: Densetsu no Keiji” in the same time slot.


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