Kim HyunJoong’s Company, “News of Fainting Is Not The Truth”


Kim HyunJoong’s company has denied Kim HyunJoong ‘Fainting incident’ and indicated that the news of fainting is just a rumor.

Kim HyunJoong’s company said to Sports Khan through a telephone interview on 17-Feb “Some of the news reported by media about the incident is incorrect.” F4 members originally has a commercial filming on 17-Feb, however the date for it was changed so he was able to take a rest but the main point was wrongly interpreted by some.

The news of Kim HyunJoong fainting started to appear on 16-Feb. It says that Kim HyunJoong fainted due to overworking from filming was sent to the hospital.

With regards to ‘Kim HyunJoong fainted during the filming in Macao’, the company expressed “They’re not able to have regular meals, so with the long hours of filming, he suffered from stomach ulcer.” Last month, Kim HyunJoong suffered backache from the traffic accident that he met up with on his way to ‘Boys Over Flowers’ filming scene and due to the busy filming schedules of the drama, he can only go for the full medical treatment after the filming ends.

Kim HyunJoong said to Sports Khan in the interview “Even though the filming schedule is tiring, but the fans’ encouragement gave me strength to strive on.”


2 Responses

  1. Poor HyunJoong =_=
    I honestly can’t understand the Asian ‘work-til-it-kills-you’ mentality…it’s unhuman 0_0 if the guy is exhausted,doesn’t get to eat as much as he should and was involved in a painful car accident, the least they could do is to let him rest a little..

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