XIAHTIC and Mirotic Acoustic Version


Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu will make a special performance at their third asia tour concert along with SHinee’s Key.

From the 20th to the 22nd, for three days Xiah Junsu at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCER-MIROTIC Xiah Junsu will do his first solo performance called XIAHTIC

XIAHTIC is a dance song that Xiah Junsu personally made for this concert. The song has, of course, a strong beat and a gorgeous dance performance that makes it a very distinguished song.

Also the rap sections in XIAHTIC will be done by Shinee’s Key who is also a special guest for the performance. They will work together perfectly to create public project.

On another note Dong Bang Shin Ki THE 3RD ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC commemoration t-shirts, cookie sets, phone straps, and stamp sets of many variety and official products will be released at the concert. It should be a variety of fun for the audiences who are attending the highly anticipated event.

Also, Wheesung and Lyn are going to perform Mirotic’s acoustic version and Wonder Girl’s So Hot R&B version on his (Wheesung) Mini concert.


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