Chae Rim, Kim Sun Ah and Kim Won Hee Are Reporters

In the March issue of the fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan” to be published on the 20th Feb, the trio, Chae Rim, Kim Sun Ah and Kim Won Hee (named from left to right in the picture) will become reporters, a first for them as well as a first in the record book.

Placed among the ranks of top Korean stars, Kim Won Hee is one of the representative host in the Korean entertainment circle, Kim Sun Ah with her portrayed healthy image through her many projects and Chae Rim with her popularity due to her amiable personality. Three of them will begin a series of activities as star editors.

Before becoming avid readers of “Cosmopolitan”, the three had dreamt of being a reporter one day. In this magazine section called the “3 Editors Project”, they will reveal their strong but less-known to the public, friendship with each other and also their unique thoughts about wanting to become a reporter.

Often when reading magazines, Kim Sun Ah would think to herself “If I were to interview an actor, can I use my acting experience as a basis to try to direct the interview in a different angle?” She said: “If I have the chance to be a journalist, I hope to do an interview with the current hottest ‘Boys Before Flowers’ F4. I hope the interview will not be conducted in an interviewer and interviewee relationship but a relationship that is more relaxed and casual, like an elder sister with her younger brothers.”

Their journey as journalists will be published in the March (and possibly subsequent) issues of the magazine. So check it out if you are able to get hold of one.


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