Girls’ Generation is raking in the cash

Girls' Generation

Father SM must be laughing Geeing all the way to the bank. Girls’ Generation has already made almost $2.5 million USD (3.5 billion KRW) in the first five weeks after their mini album “Gee” was released.

“Gee” has sold over 80,000 copies so far totaling close to $655,000 USD (960 million KRW). This is a remarkable accomplishment in such a short period of time compared to their first album, “Girls’ Generation,” which sold slightly over 125,000 copies in the span of one year. Girls’ Generation has made a little over $680,000 USD (1 billion KRW) from downloadable material which includes MP3’s, ringtones, etc… Last but definitely not least is advertising revenue which is over $1 million USD (150 billion KRW). SM Entertainment has been receiving up to four calls a day from different companies requesting the girls for their ad campaigns. Since Girls’ Generation is in such high demand, SM Entertainment has doubled their asking price and companies are not discouraged at all by this move. They view it as a sound investment to have the girls bless their ads, by hawking their products. Because of Girls’ Generations extreme popularity, whatever they touch turns to gold.

I hope these lovely ladies are not getting steamrolled by Father SM. We know DBSK has gotten paid well, but whether Girls’ Generation is getting their fair share of the pie or not remains to be seen.


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