Kim Joon to quit T-Max to act full-time

The title says it all: It’s being reported that Kim Joon is capitalizing on his newfound Boys Before Flowers fame to pursue a full-time acting career.

This means he’ll be dropping out of kpop group T-Max, which probably is a good idea since he’s been stretching himself thin trying to keep up with a busy shooting schedule while also promoting his group. Plus, his absence presents difficulties for the other members.

With Kim Joon’s profile skyrocketing he (like the rest of the cast) is already fielding offers for a follow-up project. According to his rep, Kim is carefully considering his next step, preferring to pick a role that will take him to the next level as an actor. (For example, he’s an enthusiastic fan of arthouse director Kim Ki-duk (Coast Guard, 3 Iron) and would dearly love to work with him, for free if necessary.)

A few other reports counter that he may not be quitting, or that he’s quitting only temporarily, or that he plans to return after BBF. The stories are a bit contradictory.


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