Celebrities Fall In Love

It was reported this past Thursday that Choi Ji Woo (33) had been dating Lee Jin Wook (27) who was younger than her by 6 years with photos as evidence with some even speculating that they might be getting married soon.

In what appears to be reality mirroring her recently concluded drama Star’s Lover, Choi Ji Woo broke her silence in an interview yesterday, admitting that she was in a relationship with Lee Jin Wook but denied that they had been dating for 2 years and are just in the stage of getting to know each other better now.

Choi Ji Woo expressed that although she and Jin Wook knew each other first 2 years ago while filming Air City, it was only recently that they had developed good feelings about each other. Even dating each other started recently only. She expressed, “We were just colleagues while filming the drama 2 years ago. It was only recently that we have developed good feelings towards each other. Then again, we haven’t been really seeing each other often lately because of work. He (Jin Wook) might be young but he is very mature.”

She added, “I saw many of the reports, but most of them were over-exagerrated. When scandals crop up, marriage rumors will follow, that’s normal. But regardless, it’s still early to talk about marriage. It’s not really a happy thing seeing my scandal on papers.” Choi Ji Woo also reassured her fans, “Regardless of whether I am an actress or a woman, I will not do things or act on impulse that will disappoint my fans.”

Perhaps it’s Valentine’s Day working its magic as many celebrity couple romances came to light within this past week. Comedian Jung Si Ah (26) and actor Baek Do Bin (30) announced that they were getting married on 7th March. They had started dating after developing feelings for each other while filming the movie Survival last year.

Photos of actress Choi Jung Won (28) and actor Baek Sung Hyun (20) in Australia were uploaded onto the internet recently, sparking speculation that they were dating. If proven true, then it will be another older woman – younger man relationship.


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