Chae Yeon Impending Sexy Comeback

Chae Yeon (30) will soon restart her singing career with a new album this March after an absence of 2 years. According to her management agency, Chae Yeon has finished recording her album and is now hard at work, practising her dance cheoreography for her new songs daily.

Chae Yeon’s new album is produced by acclaimed producer, Kim Chang Hwan and she will greet everyone with an even sexier image from her past albums. According to a company representative, “When we started working on the album, our plan was to allow Chae Yeon to assume a cute and sexy image. But during the process, we realize that a focused approach instead of trying for 2 images would be better. And so we decided to adopt the sexy style.”

Since her 4th studio album My Love in 2007, Chae Yeon has been working her socks off in Japan and China especially, building her fanbase overseas. In view of the long absence, Chae Yeon expressed, “I am working really hard everyday for my comeback and hope that my new album will be well-received by everyone once it is released.”


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