Khun in Asta Interview

Q. Right now, what’s your ideal girl?
I actually don’t have an ideal girl. Skinny, tall, long hair, being pretty, all of that isn’t really necessary. All I need is that she’s compatible with me, and that’s enough for me.

Q. Don’t you want to be with a certain kind of girl though?
Whoo!!… (sort of like a sigh.) Someone who hits others around them.

Q. Gangster?
Haha, I’m not sure. Someone who is violent, cute tomboy.. when I meet a girl like that, I give out a sigh. Also, I get slight weight scared.

Q. How do you approach a girl?
I’m a guy who is very shy. That’s why I never approach a girl first nor do I ask her for her phone number. What I normally do is just watch the girl from afar or wait for her to approach me first.

Q. A person with so much shyness, have you ever had experience in love?
Yes, when I was studying abroad in New Zealand, there was a cute girl who was a home-stay student at my relative’s place. I fell for the moment I saw her, and so I wrote her a letter and asked my relative to give it to her. (He laughs as if he’s embarassed)

Q. Were there any unique ways that your fans have approached you?
In a recent fan signing, I was signing something for a female fan and she told me “Come closer, I have something to tell you” Since she said so, I didn’t know what to expect so I just did as I was told. All of a sudden, she tried to kiss me on the cheeks! (Haha) Good thing she didn’t though.

Q. What was a weird present you received from your fans?
(He closes his eyes as if to ponder) What was it.. Oh! Underwear! A fan gave me a bright, scarlet red underwear. (Haha) But sad to say, it’s not really my style.

Q. There’s a charming lady, but she’s your fan. What do you do?
If there was such woman, I might be blown away.

Q. Would you move into a relationship?
It depends on the situation really. If my position then isn’t stable enough, I might decide on ending the relationship.

Q. If you had a girlfriend, what would you want to give her for Valentines Day?
I actually like surprises. If I had the chance, I’d like to do those in concerts. I would sit her in the audience and after a bit of time passes by, I would call my girlfriend to the stage. Then I would hand her a rose. Those surprises are something I would do, but I don’t think any of that would be happening any time soon. (Haha)


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