“We Don’t Want Him!”

‘We don’t want him’
by Rachel Chan

MORE than a year after Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen found himself at the centre of a sex scandal, the 28-year-old remained toxic here.

News that he is showing up at a fast-food chain here next week sparked off controversy within the Internet community.

Chen was invited as a guest to Carl’s Jr.’s launch of its latest creation – the 100 per cent Angus Beef Thickburger – next Friday.

His imminent presence prompted an Internet user to lash out at him, triggering threats of a boycott of the chain’s products.

“He is a dubious character who is an affront to women,” the man told my paper. “I hope that Carl’s Jr. will realise that they’re making a PR fiasco.”

The executive, who is in his 40s, did not want to be identified.

Although some who spoke to my paper said they would not support a “jinx”, others were more forgiving.

Mr Jeffrey Koh, 32, business and finance manager of film distributor Festive Films, said: “It’s time for him to come back. The incident happened so long ago.”

Chen gained notoriety last year when racy pictures of Hong Kong celebrities such as Gillian Chung were leaked on Internet forums.

A spokesman for Carl’s Jr. said: “When we chose to invite him for this event, it was based purely on friendship between his management and us,” she said.

Sports giant adidas, which also invited him to be its guest for a separate event the same day, said: “Edison Chen is a streetwear authority…and continues to maintain a strong base of consumers and followers.”

Edison’s past no issue for some
Fri, Feb 20, 2009
my paper
by Rachel Chan

FORGIVEN by some but forgotten by none.

Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen still draws controversy – one year after he publicly apologised for the sex-photo scandal that involved Hong Kong celebrities Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung.

Still, not everyone was as unhappy as the Internet user who had threatened to boycott fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. for inviting Chen to a launch event next week.

Mr Yeung Qimin, 24, said he has nothing against the burger chain.

“I like Carl’s Jr. because their burgers are big, juicy and good. I don’t have anything against Edison Chen. His attendance at the event will not affect me,” said the undergraduate.

Sports company adidas, which invited Chen to a party for over 700 guests next Friday, said: “adidas is not concerned with Chen’s personal matters.”

He is not directly linked to adidas as an ambassador or a performer, the company added.

Ms Karen Lau, 23, agreed. She said: “I find him suitable for adidas because of his sporty personality.

“If he were here to promotemoral values, then it would not be appropriate.”

When contacted, a spokesman for Carl’s Jr. said: “He and the management know each other and Edison happens to love Carl’s Jr.’s burgers… (We’re) not trying to create a rebellious statement.”


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