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Cell phone stolen at Hung Tin Ming’s bar, Lee San San called the police, afraid her privacy will be exposed

Just when Edison Chen’s sex photos scandal trial is about to begin, Lee San San’s cell phone was stolen at a bar, to avoid the data being exploited by malicious people and her privacy exposed, she immediately called the police!

The night before last, after Lee San San and her good friends Michael Tao and Derek Kwok finished an interview, in the early hours of yesterday morning they went to Hive, Hung Tin Ming’s bar in Causeway Bay, to attend a slimming company celebration event. While they were having fun, San San’s Nokia N95 phone was instantaneously stolen, because this bar is only open to members and regular customers, therefore the crime must be own people’s doing!

Actually San San stored a large amount of precious photos, videos and over 800 SMS on her phone, to avoid her privacy being leaked, illegal use of the data and thus affecting her friends, she immediately reported to the police and they arrived at the scene to take her statement. The police also took the tapes from closed circuit TV for investigation. Yesterday San San was still agitated: “I arrived there around 1am and could recognize almost everyone there, my phone was with me the entire time. Around 3am I chatted at the bar, put down my phone for an instant and it was gone, I was so angry I slapped the table and yelled, didn’t even notice I was bleeding. The whole place went quiet but no one gave my phone back, I asked my friend to call my phone, but because it was set to vibrate mode, I couldn’t locate it.”

San San is already mentally prepared she cannot get her phone back, she frankly said she was angry not because of money: “There are many precious photos, videos and SMS. I asked my lawyer friends, they said if already reported to the police, the data inside is considered stolen property, if someone exposes the data it is a criminal offense.” San San is so worried about the data on her phone, could it be that there are sex photos, videos or SMS? She said: “Nothing sex related, everyone has clothes on, I seldom take my own pictures, most are photos of my friends, SMS are for memories, even if exposed shouldn’t be too embarrassing but they are very private!”

As one of the owners, Hung Tin Ming said he has no knowledge of what happened: “I wasn’t there when it happened, I haven’t seen San San for a long time. Although I’m one of the owners, I never interfere with the company’s business. But San San is my friend, I’ll call her to understand the situation.” (The police took away the tapes, do you have confidence in your staff?) Shouldn’t be any problem.”

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