SNSD and Robots, “Fioni and Mikael” on Quiz Expedition, GEE Joint Performance at GwangUn University

SNSD appeared as the judges on the 14th episode KBS2 “Road Show!” called, “Quiz Expedition Go to GwangUn University.”

SNSD performed their song “GEE” on stage together with internally famous robots.

Four humanoid robots created by the GwangUn University’s Robot+Gaming Team perfectly imitated SNSD’s “GEE” dance. As the robots accurately depicted the dance, the members of SNSD yelled and cheered in amazement. And to compare the robot version of the dance to the original, the girls and the robots danced together for the first ever SNSD vs. Robot dance battle.

Also, when the robots were asked who their favourite member of SNSD was, Fioni the robot teased the members by pretending to give a rose to some of the members, but then finally gave it to Tiffany.

SooYoung, who was beside Tiffany, felt upset when she didn’t get the rose, so she made the robot giver herself the rose, making everybody else laugh. TaeYeon showed her great entertaining skills when she kept making Mikael the robot dance No HongChul’s weird dance.

Aside from that, KBS announcers Jeon HyunMoo, Park JiHyeon, and MC’s Ji SukJin and Lee HyukJae brought laughter for everyone.

These internationally known robots that came second in the world’s biggest robot tournament will appear on stage with SNSD on Sunday February 22nd at 10:45 in the morning on 2TV “Road Show! Quiz Expedition.”


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