Kim Hyun Joong – Not popular with girls when he was a student


Hyeonjung wasn’t popular among girls in school.
The KBS2 “Boys Over Flowers” ‘s noble prince “Yun Jihu”, the one man to recieve all the female fans love – Kim Hyeonjung.

However, during childhood he could not recieve any attention from the girl-students, for he was a ‘plain boy’.

Says Kim Hyeonjung, “Usually, the Artist-types would have girls lining up outside their houses, but that wasn’t the case for me.”

“It’s possibly because since the second grade, I started to wear glasses to see well. Thus, I did not capture much interest among the girl-students” he adds.
It was the time the last Asian Games was held in 1986 that Kim Hyeonjung was born

An exceptionally young and very pretty person in many people’s eyes, being called with the title of “Fresh Star”.

Kim Hyeonjung was just an average kid. Never significantly sickly, his parents expectations for him were a slip of an inch near having the ‘model son’.


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