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“Positive” Kara, “but we want to reach number 1”


The once cute Kara is standing in front of the fans with different image these days.

The 5 member girl group, Kara, has been promoting their 2nd song, ‘Honey’, since this mid February. Kara came back to promote ‘Honey’ with a different image than they had for ‘Pretty Girl’.

During the ‘Pretty Girl’ days, they had a cute and lively image, but, for ‘Honey, they have adopted a more pure and womanly image.

The fans were positive about this change

Kara’s leader, Park Gyuri, said “In the past, there were a lot of groups who won fans’ hearts by wearing white dress and having a pure image, but these days, I think, all the groups are trying to find their charms to win over the fans’ hearts. I think that is why the fans thought our pure image concept was something new and different.”

Han Seung Yeon added while laughing, “’Honey’ is climbing up the music charts even faster than ‘Pretty Girl’. Hara said, “I saw a music chart few days ago, and I saw that ‘Honey’ was popular among not only the 20s, but also the 30s. It is very different from ‘Pretty Girl’ which got a lot of attention from the people in their 10s.”

Kara is still thankful of all the fans who have supported them and brought them to where they are through their unique rubber glove cheering during ‘Pretty Girl’ promotion days. The reason they came back with ‘Honey’ and a repackaged album was to pay back all the support that fans gave them. In the repackaged album, there are not only remix versions of ‘Honey’ and ‘Pretty Girl’, but also a 32 pages long picture book. The version of ‘Honey’ that Kara is performing right now is the remixed version that is included in the repackaged album.

While they were receiving a lot of love during their ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’ days, Kara also celebrated Goo Hara graduating from high school and Kang Jiyoung graduating from middle school.

The past three months were full of celebration and success for Kara. But, if there is a success, there also must be some failures, and Kara went through some humiliating incidents.

On few of the variety tv shows that Han Seung Yeon went on, the shows misspelled her name to “Han Seng Hyeon” or “Han Seung Yeong.” The netiziens have compiled all these incidents and posted on the net, titling them as, “Han Seung Yeong’s subtitle humiliation.”

One might have thought that Han Seung Yeon would be sad and distressed by these incidents, but she thinks of these incidents as a plus to her career.

Han Seung Yeon said,” I think the fans captured these moments and posted on the internet in order to correct and spread the correct name to other people. I don’t believe that they posted these to just harm my reputation.”

With this kind of positive attitude, what is the goal that Kara is trying to achieve? As for their goals, they were not hesitant at being greedy.

Nicole and maknae Jiyoung said, “We were candidates for number one spot many times for ‘Pretty Girl’, but we never reached won. With ‘honey’, we really want to achieve that number one spot.”

It is curious as to what Kara will bring next.


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