Hyun Joong Says I’m Not Actually A Robot


Which is old news to anyone who watched We Got Married, but for those of you who were introduced to Kim Hyun Joong through the drama, this might be new information.

Through a teaser, we can see that during the filming of a Happy Together Season 3 episode, Hyun Joong appears and speaks his true feelings about acting. He announces that “even if they were to remake the cast for the drama, I would have selected Yoon Ji Hoo.”

He also reveals that unlike the serious and polite Ji Hoo, his real personality is nothing like that. I’m glad he isn’t though, because I loved him as the silly and blunt romantic in the JoongBo couple.


On the other hand, sensitive boy Kim Joon says that “I don’t really have the freedom to choose whatever I want. Right now, I really like my character Song Woo Bin, but I would like to try Goo Joon Pyo’s role once.” I love Kim Joon’s character as the engrish-speaking extra, but I totally understand why he’d want to try the role of Jun Pyo. He might actually get some screen time for once.


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  1. לדעתי, התפקיד שנתנו לו מתאים לו מאוד! הוא כזה מתוקקקק

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