The power of girl groups: Girls Generation vs. KARA



At the onset of year 2009, the music industry now is being led my girl idol groups, more particularly Girl’s Generation and KARA. Stealing the hearts of many male fans, the members of the two groups melts us with their cute smiling eyes. Let us now find out more about their charms.

With the popularity of idol groups not showing any signs of slowing down, girl groups Girl’s Generation and KARA are on the forefront of it all, enjoying immense popularity nowadays. Whenever the two groups appear on stage for a live music program, the chants of their male fans are so audible, showing just how many supporters they have. Lets now look at the charms of Girls Generation and KARA, who are similar, yet so different from each other.

Cute Dance Moves

Girl’s Genearation comeback last January with mini-album <Gee>.

YTN Star viewers, hello. We are Girls Generation.

With the addictive melody and lyrics, cute and easy dance moves, <Gee> has been dominating music charts everywhere. On January 31st, the song was the top music download on cyworld.

Its been great that we’ve been receiving a lot of love since the start of the new year. The love that we’ve been receiving is overflowing. We’re prone to getting colds, but still we’re still so very grateful”

<Infinity Challenge> and <2 Days 1 Night>, together with so many other programs parodied the song, showing just how popular this song is nowadays.

KARA debuted earlier than Girl’s Generation. They received much attention in their debut stages because of their being labeled as the ‘2nd Fin.k.l’

Hello YTN Star viewers, we are KARA!

With vocalist Kim Sunghee leaving the group last year, new members Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung made KARA a 5-member group, enjoying immense popularity nowadays. Just recently, they held their first fan meeting, where the crowd was so big that it was hard for fans to get it.

[Han Seungyeon]
While we were entering, I got goosebumps all over because so many people came, so much more than what we were expecting. I hope that you guys like what we prepared for you, and also that we spend a blissful day together.

Their second mini-album <Pretty Girl> affirmed and strengthened the popularity of KARA. With their follow-up single <Honey>, they came back with a pure image of themselves.

Their ‘Honey eating dance’, where they use their fingers to taste honey, is melting the hearts of male fans everywhere.

Both groups perform without any backup dancers, but still they manage to gain the attention of the viewers as the stage looks full because of their cute dance and evident stage presence.

Hidden Talents

All idol groups are expected to have some hidden talents. And it stands true for Girls Generation and KARA.

Starting with Big Bang’s Daesung, idol groups have been showing interest in trot. Recently, Girls Generation’s Seohyun has released a trot single. On the other hand, Han Seungyeon has shown of her trot skills in karaoke. Always picking song number 18 when going to karaoke, Han Seungyeon enjoys trot, honing her singing skills to be able to show a different side to their fans.

Their skills in singing trot is truly surprising. But because of these hidden charms, they receive much more love from both their male and female fans.

Killer aegyo that captures male fans

Pretty faces, cute dance, loveable song. Girls Generation and KARA are the dream romance of males these days. Once they show their killer aegyo moves, one is surely not able to recover from it.

Girl’s generation, being all-around entertainers, are able to project aegyo very well because of their training in acting.

We had to do that expression that the cat in the movie ‘Shrek’. Kind of like this..

The facial expression that was the hardest to do was ‘Save me’. It was really hard.

On the other hand, KARA shows a different kind of aegyo – their charms makes the fans want to protect them. In their first fan meeting, their cheerful disposition and smiling eyes set the warm atmosphere just right.

[Goo Hara]
This is our first fan meeting and signing, so the feeling is strange, but still great because I feel that we are very much loved.

[Park Gyuri]
I also have other charms. I’m sorry.

There are fans that have stayed with them right from the beginning, and is still present until today. The two representative groups of girl power nowadays – Girls Generation and KARA. These charming girls will surely melt everyones’ hearts, no one can deny their appeal. We look forward to the future of these bright groups.



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