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Yi Jung and Gal Eul “Dates”


The unexpected intrusion of Ha Jae Kyung into KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers recently might have ruffled the feathers of those who supports the Joon Pyo – Jandi couple. But it has unexpectedly created a situation where everyone’s favourite couple Yi Jung and Gal Eul goes on a date. Although they were just acting, it was nonetheless a good start.

In a nutshell, Yi Jung and Gal Eul decides to go on a make-believe date together, so as to create a situation for Jandi and Joon Pyo to patch up inadvertently. Their make-believe date goes according to plan but the romantic vibes surrounding the SoEul couple caught the attention of viewers after it was aired. Let’s have a recap of their date.

Yi Jung starts off their date by arriving in his orange sports car to pick up Gal Eul. Heart fluttering moment for Gal Eul as Yi Jung leans over to fasten her seat-belt for her.


Next up was a visit to a perfume shop as they shopped around while spraying each other with perfumes, behaving very much like a couple. They then visit a outdoor skating park, holding hands while skating. Yi Jung then creates a moment by covering a freezing Gal Eul up with his jacket and with a snap of his fingers, calls up the fireworks which iluminates the night sky.


Mission accomplished as they bid each other farewell in the hotel room.


Words simply cannot describe their make-believe date and their sweet interactions because it simply felt like the real thing. Many netizens are curious about their future developments and showed their support for the SoEul couple, “It felt like a real date. The Yi Jung – Gal Eul couple are simply too adorable, hope that they can be together quicker.”

But at this moment, it’s still purely a one-sided love on Gal Eul’s part as she gets flustered and moved by Yi Jung’s every move. Yi Jung however has nothing else on his mind except to make sure that their plan progresses as planned. Thus, while many viewers were delighted with the date, some were also noticeably anxious for the next chapter of the SoEul couple.with their relationship continuing to be unpredictable at this stage.


One Response

  1. I love that couple. They’re so cute. Ga Eul is even prettier than Jan Di.

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