Goo Hye Sun In An Accident


It was reported today that Goo Hye Sun was involved in a traffic accident this morning and became the latest Boys Before Flowers star to be afflicted with bad luck on the road. While returning to Seoul from the Changwon film site, the vehicle that Hye Sun was in bumped into another vehicle from the opposite direction as both attempted to change lanes.

After the accident, Hye Sun transferred to another vehicle and continued her journey back to Seoul and is now getting a thorough check-up at a local medical facility.

According to YG Entertainment, “Thankfully, Hye Sun did not suffer any major injuries. She is just in shock. But according to those in the same vehicle, there was a fine line between a minor and major accident. Judging from the present situation, it’s unlikely that she will be able to film today. As for tomorrow’s filming session, we will have to wait for the final diagnosis.”

This is not the first time that Hye Sun had suffered an injury while filming Boys Before Flowers. Earlier, she had hit her head against the floor of the swimming pool while filming and suffered a minor concussion. But having yet to recover fully from this, she is now in shock from this accident. Fans are really worried about her health condition right now.


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