Kara rises to #2 in one breath, chasing SNSD’s Gee


Kara is posing a challenge to SNSD, who has held onto the #1 spot for 7 weeks in a row now.

On Mnet.com’s chart for the 4th week of February, SNSD’s <Gee> made a record of 7 straight weeks at number 1.

But following closely behind are the 5 member group Kara. Kara’s <Honey> soared 49 spots to #2, close on SNSD’s tail. In the download rankings, <Honey> surpassed <Gee> and took 1st place, once again gathering everyone’s interest.

<Honey>’s addictive electronic sound and sad sensitive lyrics accentuate Kara’s unique purity and femininity.

Meanwhile, this week’s most popular songs have bene by groups rather than solo singers.

With SNSD and Kara at the core, there’s also, SS501, Fly to the Sky, FT Island, Voice One, and T-max, which occupy 7 spots out of the top 10, continuing the dominance of idol groups from the past year.

DAMN!!!! Hope SNSD STill get no1!!


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