Kim Bum Taking Advantage of his Fame


Kim Bum seems to be enjoying the fame he has attained from East of Eden and Boys Over Flowers.

With offers being thrown at him from left and right, he has accepted to be one of the main characters for a new and upcoming teen action film,

Emergency. He will be working with actress Kim Byul, who has been in Strongest Chil Woo and Baby & Me. The filming is supposed to start in April, so we can expect to hear more about it soon.




Kim Beom will be Si-beom, an aspiring actor who must be the best actor for the love of his life. And Kim Byeol is Soo-kyeong, who is sent to a psychiatric asylum after wandering the streets.
– Hancinema

For all the Kim Bum lovers out there, keep an eye out for our little Bummie, who will be starring in the movie, “71” as well.


4 Responses

  1. cool, i’ll wait for his new movie 😉

  2. omg. can’t wait.
    kin bum !!

  3. hey every1!!!!update me if the movie 71 is upcoming already….tnx

  4. kim bum xm imyuzzzzzzzzzzzzt bgt dweh, Q jd pGn nyubit pi2 xm nie…………

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