Who’s That On Girls’ Generation Fridge?


Well, Girls’ Generation were guests on the 24th February episode of SBS Lee Jae Ryong & Jung Eun’s Good Morning show and besides the standard interview with the girls in the studio, there was also footage shown of their super hectic lifestyle. Now during the footage where they filmed the girls at the dorm, Tae Yeon expressed that there was really nothing to show in their dorm except for their fridge for which they were proud of.

Soo Young then proceeded to give a guided tour of their fridge which was pasted with pictures that their fans had sent it to them. Now there was nothing extraordinary really until you really focus and see that there was actually a guy’s picture among the many pictures of the girls. And who might that guy be? Drum rollllllllllllll…..it’s SS501 Kim Hyun Joong!


The actual picture looks like this.


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