2PM wishes the fan would wait for their second album


Junsu: Hello My name is Junsu.
Chansung: Hello My name is Chansung.
Taecyeon: Hello My name is Taecyeon.
Khun: Hello Khun Nichkhun krab.
Jay: Hello My name is Jaebum.
Junho: Hello My name is Junho.
Wooyoung: Hello My name is Wooyoung.

How did 2PM form? We heard that it was extraordinary.
Nichkhun: At first we auditioned to be 2PM. We all trained for 1-4 years. Until last year we formed 2PM and trained together, and the producers wanted our group to be different from other idol group. That is where the flips came from just now. We practiced since then it should be around a year and a half, both singing and dancing that is 2PM’s own style.

Living together for years, how does it feel? How much do you love each other?
Taecyeon: There are some inconveniences because seven of us lives together and the residence is a little small. But as we continues to live on, everybody helps one another, like a warm family.
Nichkhun: Usually we fight over food. We are all men so we eat a lot and fight about this, like who ate whose food and who ate my food. Usually it’s like that, big deal. (Laughs)

How is 2PM difference from other boy bands?
Jaebum: We have a vision of Performance boy band. Whether it’s the moves or whatever, it’s always about our lyrics. Let us show you. (Then they performed, receiving huge screams from the fans.) And what is different is our costume including our dance moves and acrobatic that is flips and some hip-hop included.

How was the feedback in Korea for the first single?
Junho: The feedback was great. Perhaps because we are Performance Boy Band, maybe it’s the hair style and outfit that is different from other boy bands.

Heard that the Special Album in Thailand is different from others.
Nichkhun: The first album on sell wasn’t available in Thailand, and now we are about to have the second album. There will be repackage by including the first album with the second album so the fans can listen to both at the same time.

Will Thai fans be able to see a concert in Thailand?
Chansung: I think so. But when I also don’t know. But I want it as soon as possible, because we have a Thai member like Nichkhun, we want to come to Thailand first.

Your performance is mostly acrobatic. Did things ever go wrong?
Nichkhun: A lot. On stage flips, lights are very important, because sometimes we did a flip and then the light flashes can cause mistakes. So when we perform there might be some mistakes, like I’ve almost pinned my head against the floor before And another thing, te floor is slippery so there might be mistakes. Once Jaebum flipped and the floor was slippery, he hurt his wrist.
Jaebum: Like just now the show had a little mistake. The stage was too small. I almost died (Laughs).
Nichkhun: And he used to injured his wrist cartilage because he blocked himself from falling with his hands.

Is there anything fun between the members?
Jaebum: Taecyeon likes the show the worm on stage. He felt it was a little inappropriate.
(And then everyone urged Taecyeon to show the worm, gaining a lot of laughter and applause.)

One by one please talk about the members.
Chansung: Junsu sings really well. When I can’t sing a certain part he teaches me. He’s also very nice.
Nichkhun: I think the press wants to hear something funny.
Taecyeon: Junsu is studying how to write songs and he uses the same room as me. He likes to write his songs until 4am, so I can’t sleep at all.
Nichkhun: Because it’s loud. Like the drums Bum Bum Bum, his bed is on the side so he couldn’t sleep.
Jaebum: Chansung eats a lot right? (The fans said yes.) And he likes to eat fruits in the night, and when we went to America I will buy a big bag of dried mango. When I live the house and come back, there will only be the bag and it sits right next to Chansung’s laptop. (Laughs)
Wooyoung: About bananas, the seven of us likes banana a lot. And one day there were bananas in the dorm. When everybody left and came back, there were only peels left, and there was Chansung again.
Nichkhun: Sometimes when we wake up, there will be orange peels and banana peels on the bed. (Laughs)
Jaebum: Taecyeon, I don’t know what he does in the night, but he never sleeps. In the morning when we go out for work he won’t open his eyes, always closing his eyes. When we do make-up in the car or the stand-by room he would just close his eyes. Even in concerts sometimes he closes his eyes.

Usually Jaebum is the leader, how come in game shows he is constantly picked on?
Jaebum: I’m too nice to the members. Really.

How does it feel for the first time in Thailand?
Nichkhun: It feels great to work for Sony Music and bring my friends 2PM along with me. I trust Sony Music to contribute time to us and we will contribute to Sony Music so we can reach our goals and succeed in the end.
Jaebum: Sony Music I love you.

What are the weak points of each members?
Jaebum: Junsu first, he sings really well but his dance might be a little weak. Chansung, I don’t know if it’s a weak point but he’s got really long back like a dragon and big legs. Taecyeon, he looks normal from the outside but mentally he’s a little weird. You can see that from the worm. About Nichkhun, he’s very perfect, but a little weak with his small head. When he wears hat and it’s too big. Myself, I feel like I’m short and my legs are small like women’s and mentally I’m like Taecyeon (laughs). Junho he thinks too far, but he’s perfect. And lastly Wooyoung, I leave it to your imagination (laughs) Ah, really it’s just that he’s so flexible, when he does flips it might be a little difficult.

Lastly, please leave a message for Thai fans.Junsu : I’m very shocked that there are a lot of fans welcoming us. Thank you so much for the love that everybody gives. We will try the best and keep on working hard.
Chansung: My first time in Thailand, I’m shocked. The weather is hot and the fanclub is hotter (smiles).
Taecyeon: They said it all. Thank you for the love. I love you.
Jaebum: The first time here, the fanclub is hot. It feels great to work in Sony Music. I love the fans and Sony Music.
Junho: Seeing the fanclub makes me know that Nichkhun is very famous in Thailand. Thank you for loving us and we will honored to work with Sony Music. We will continue to work harder.
Wooyoung: It feels honored to show in Thailand. Not for long there will be a new album and probably 2PM’s concert soon.
Nichkhun: Firstly, I want to thank the fans for welcoming me and my friends. I’m really touched. At first I was worried whether we will have fans or not. Thank you so much for showing the love and support to my friends. Especially the first time is really important, it will be the first impression. Thank you Sony Music that brought us to Thailand. I hope that next time we will work as a family again. And we will continue to work hard. Let’s all succeed together.


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