Davichi’s New Album “8282” Released!


Davichi, who received support from Lee Min Ho for the release of their new album, seems to be doing pretty well. Their album was released on the 27th of February.

Let’s take a look at the tracks in the CD:
01. 8282
02. 사고쳤어요 (I Made an Accident)
03. My Man
04. 사랑이 우습니 (Is love Funny)
05. 오르골 Idk what this means!
06. Crazy Woman

In Davichi’s song, 8282, I thought the transition from the techno beat to the slower beat was unique but mostly out of place. But besides that, the song itself was great and altogether pretty catchy. Congratulations Davichi on the album, but hopefully next time, I hope you will try to become successful on your own.

Check out Davichi’s new song “8282”:
(click around the 1:33 mark to hear the transition)


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