Goo Hye Sun Refuse To Bow Down to Injuries


Having been initially diagnosed with just shock after being involved in a car accident yesterday morning, it was reported today that Goo Hye Sun’s injuries were far worse than expected. Goo Hye Sun was on her way back to Seoul from the Changwon film site after filming overnight when the accident occured yesterday morning. Although initially feared that filming for Boys Before Flowers could be stopped because of her injuries, Hye Sun will go back to work tomorrow to complete unfinished filming for episode 17, 18 this coming week.

Goo Hye Sun’s representative expressed, “We did not think it was that serious intially when Hye Sun who was sitting beside the driver, suffered cracks around her lips after the accident. After treatment at the local medical facility which included sewing for her cracked lips, the region around her lips started swelling and made filming impossible today since it was particularly visible. But she will resume filming tomorrow instead.” The injury also meant that Goo Hye Sun missed attending the 45th Baeksang Awards show yesterday night.

It’s a particularly worrying time for Group Eight since footage for episode 17, 18 this coming week have yet to be completed nor edited for broadcast. While for Goo Hye Sun, exactly how is she feeling right now physically and mentally, having to go back to filming, without fully recovering from her concussion suffered earlier and now this lip injury. Goo Hye Sun must have taken after the Geum Jandi spirit of not giving up in adversity.

Let’s pray that this is the LAST until filming ends in March where everyone can then take the necessary rest and treatment that they so required before embarking on their next work


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