If You Ever Sleep with Soo Young…

Soo Young

(And I mean sleep as in the the natural state of bodily rest, not the R-rated definition.)
…beware, because she snores!

On KBS 2TV‘s “I Like Confrontational Music” (I know it sounds like a weird title for a TV show, but it’s the only way to translate it), Girls’ Generation made a guest appearance and everyone was shocked by the revelation that Soo Young snores.

Tae Yeon revealed, “Yesterday, Soo Young snored. I don’t know if it was because of our busy schedule or because she was just really tired, but she snored really loudly. It was my first time seeing that.

Soo Young rebutted, “No, I’ve never snored before. I was just breathing loudly!

Yuri, who said between them said, “I’ll take both of them to snoring therapy!” and the whole studio burst out laughing.

It’s funny why this is even news, since just about anyone can snore if they’re excessively tired, but it was one of the headliners in today’s entertainment news. With the Gee syndrome still going strong, it seems that anything to do with Girls’ Generation, whether it’s something as mundane as Soo Young snoring once or Tiffany spraining her ankle, instantly becomes the #1 search.

Aside from the chit chat, the girls divided themselves into two groups, Trot Girls and Dance Girls as they displayed their numerous talents with numerous members in singing and dancing. The episode aired on the 26th.

Check out the stills below.



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