Big Bang DaeSung and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA held hands


In the second part to YoonA’s guest appearance on SBS Family Outing aired on 1st March, DaeSung and YoonA had held hands at the brook where they were catching fish for breakfast.

Yoon Jong Shin was was already at the opposite side of the brook asked, “Are you guys close to the extend of holding hands?”. And DaeSung answered, “The stones are too slippery.”

Yoon Jong Shin then teased again,”Are you feeling pulse? To be holding her wrist?” And then DaeSung said, “YoonA ah! Hold oppa’s hand.”

YoonA said while smiling, “I believe in oppa. We are holding our hands now. And DaeSung shouted, “YoonA ya. For you, oppa will do anything.” and jumped into the brook, the atmosphere for the breakfast that day was really joyous.

Meanwhile, that morning before breakfast DaeSung had asked, “YoonA, what do you like (to eat)?” and YoonA answered, “I’m not someone who is fussy with food” and DaeSung replied shyly, “So you have good eating habits.”


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