Lee Min Ho made smoking cigarette a hot thing?

Lee Min Ho

With shooting to fame in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, netizens dig further to find a more personal side of Lee Min Ho…

For one, netizens are really interested in photos of Lee Min Ho smoking in his free time amidst drama and CF shooting.

Many of the netizens have thought they like the more upclose-and-personal side of him.

Some of the comments were, “He looks hotter when he is smoking”, “I wish to be the cigarrette he is smoking”, “Even though I don’t like cigarette smoking, somehow this image of him smoking looks good”.

Some netizens also hope that Lee Min Ho would quit smoking for his health though. I would go with that too.


11 Responses

  1. ..i agree thAt hopefully he’ll quit smoking… there’s no good benefit anyway of taking it

  2. Lee Min Ho, im one of your avid fan here in the Philippines, believe it or not, i even studied your language hangul, Im crazy of boys over flowers,please stop smoking for it will be very bad for your health, im just concern for your health,,,

  3. how disgusting!!! it doesnt suit him!!

  4. i hope he’ll quit smoking…

    it’s bad for his health…

  5. It sadden me to see him spoke! he’s way to good looking plus too many people are dying of it. it’s just sad to see him do that. I don’t hate ppl who spoke just the hobbit.

  6. hope…. tht lee min ho will stop smoking…
    because it is really bad in his health…

  7. i think he should stop smoking !!! he is more prone to sickness .. but still i’m your fan!!!!!

  8. its better for you to stop smoking…..its bad you know…

  9. hi min ho!!!you’re still young to reflect many times that smoking is bad to our health so do so quit smoking…you will get more health problem if you continue plus your fans will be sad too..i hope that you always take good care of yourself….so top smoking…

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