Shin Hyesung hopes to have a hit song that everyone knows how to sing

The title track ‘Why Did You Call’ from Shin Hyesung’s latest album has been gaining a lot of popularity since its release.

Shin Hyesung, who had released his ’surprise project’ Vol.3 Side 1 in August last year, has recently released his new album, Vol.3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’. Although the sales results of Side 1 do give him some level of regret, but he has an interesting answer to that. He had challenged himself in genres like electronica and Brit rock, which are completely new to him, but the results weren’t as satisfactory as he would have liked them to be.

“The company doesn’t think that Side 1 was a failure… Anyway the concept for the 3rd album is to have 2 different mini-albums with different styles. I personally wanted to try out different kinds of music too. Although I didn’t know how the public would react to that, but from what I see, at least the fans like that album very much. Haha~~ When I choose songs these days, I tend to look out for styles that are not ballads. I think I have a wider variety of choice now.”

As according to plan, Side 2 is indeed a ballad album. Shin Hyesung has also showcased his unique vibrato in the title track ‘Why Did You Call’, to convey the sadness of a man who cannot forget his past love.

Shin Hyesung says that ‘Even If It’s A Lie’, written by one of his concert band members, is a song that he is extraordinarily satisfied with, and that ‘I’m Dying’ has the style of a song off a movie OST.

Side 2, which features 12 tracks and 10 songs, has taken the top spot on Hanteo’s weekly chart, and ‘Why Did You Call’ has been placing among the top 3 tracks on major music sites.

Shin Hyesung says that singing ballads, which are most familiar to him, makes him feel at ease, and that the overwhelming response to the album so far has made him want to work even harder.

“My wish isn’t to just sing songs that fans like, but to have a hit song as infectious as the Wonder Girls’ ‘Tell Me’, a song that everyone in the country knows and can sing. It’s very difficult for a ballad to achieve this, but Baek Jiyoung’s song ‘Like Being Hit By A Bullet’ has already become very popular with the masses. Having a successful case study like that gives me the confidence too.”

However, he says with a little regret, “Til now Shinhwa hasn’t got a representative hit like G.O.D’s ‘To Mother’ or H.O.T’s ‘Candy’, which everyone knows.” The reason behind this is because Shinhwa is a dance group more renowned for their performances than their songs.

Having spent more than 10 years as part of Shinhwa, he has only released 3 solo albums to date. He says, “Thinking about the time as Shinhwa, I had been singing like a machine up til the 4th album. I didn’t know why I was singing, whether the songs are suitable for us, what the lyrics are about, what the style of the albums are…” During his 1st solo album, up close we could see him avoiding the camera. ‘It’s a pity that I didn’t start to learn music while we were having group activities. It was too busy for us to think about anything else. But the good thing is that the newcomers these days are all working hard at learning music.”

Shin Hyesung says that after spending 11 years as a singer, he has a simple but very meaningful goal in mind – “to keep singing conscientiously”.


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