FT Island, Receives Cellphones after 2yrs

FT Island

Five member band FT Island revealed their opinions about being able to use cellphones after 2 years.

FT Island, who were trainees 2 years ago and debuted in 2007, were ordered by their agent to get rid of 2 things. First was their minihompy (cyworld), and second was their cellphones that they banned. After their debut, they were sometimes able to sneak onto their minihompy’s, but their cellphones, which is a necessity of this new generation, was completely banned. It was even to the extent that the members could only speak to their parents on the phone through their manager. In 2008, “We want to download our songs as our ringtones,” was their simple wish that they were hoping for that year.

But then as FT Island came out with their hit songs following “Lovesick” and “Thunder”, they received a cellphone as a New Years gift from their agency.

“But now that we actually received them, it’s not as fun as I thought. (not sure if that’s right ^^wink.gif During that time, we lost touch with our friends so I barely get any phone calls,” says Lee Hongki. Even Choi Minhwan said, “Since I barely get any phone calls, I usually just take it out and use it as a watch.” On the other side, they said that their wish of being able to download and use their own songs as their ringtones came true. Youngest member, Choi Minhwan, even changed all the ringtones of the people around him to FT Island songs and even told the journalist to “download them right now.”


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