Goo Hye Sun only back temporarily

Goo Hye Sun’s return was only temporary. They needed to do one last scene with her for the episode that will air tomorrow. But it’s still too much for her to be back to work because she’s not completely well yet. The scenes they did shoot with her in it had barely any lines for her in it.

“Goo Hye Sun returned temporarily to the set at 11PM today to shoot one scene and withdrew right after. Currently she is at home resting.

Though Goo Hye Sun returned to the set on the 2nd, it was only a temporary return. We can’t say it’s an official return. Goo Hye Sun’s official return to the set is being discussed as we speak.”

“The swelling is almost gone so it’s not a problem of appearance. The problem is that she can’t speak properly due to the tear inside her mouth.”

“There was no filming today. The scene we did on the morning of the 3rd was necessary because it was needed for episode 17. We’re just thankful Goo Hye Sun did the best that she could.”

“For now, there is no filming today. It has not been decided whether filming will resume tomorrow. Currently, the official resume time is being discussed.

“On the 3rd there will be a break from filming, and we’ll focus on getting the rest of the swelling down. It is still too hard for her to give exact pronunciations. We’re doing the best we can to minimize the aftereffects of the injury.”


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