Kim Hyun Joong, Even better as an actor than singer

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim HyunJoong who turned into ‘Wansonam’ (Totally Precious Guy) through drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, was chosen as 1st place as the most outstanding entertainer among singer-turned-actors.

Music site BUGS put a poll for “The singers who looks better working as an actor” with 2,572 votes in total. The 1st place goes to SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong with 64%.

Kim HyunJoong received high popularity with the role of gentle and handsome Yoon JiHoo in the highly-anticipated drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. “Even though he is still lacking in his acting, we would forgive that once we see his face” said the voters, showing their love for Kim HyunJoong.

T-Max Kim Joon who acts in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ with Kim HyunJoong ranked 2nd with 16% votes.

4th and 5th place\ goes to rock band The Nuts Ji HyunWoo (7%) who is more known as an actor than a singer, and FT Island Choi MinHwan (5%).

Maya (5%) and JunJin (4%) are also chosen as one of the signers who does good activities as actors.

plus: xiaochu


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