Samsung and LG are battling to get F4 custody


It was reported sometime in February that LG Telecom has snatched a deal with Lee Minho, Goo Hye Sun and Kimbum to represent the mobile company. While their fellow castmates Kim Joon and Hyun Joong will lend their popularity to advertise for Samsung.

But wait what is this we see…isn’t that Kimbum posing with Hyun Joong and Kim Joon to advertise Samsung’s Anycall Haptic Pop?

In a never before seen or heard advertising move, the two opposing mobile giants are currently under “dramatic negotiations” to share the F4 boys. Both LG and Samsung expressed their desire to use these boys as image models and according to them it will be weird for consumers to have half of F4 modeling one phone while the other half models for another. So now they are trying to share them.

The business community is of course perplexed with this kind wtf-ery but LG and Samsung are willing to risk it. The full detail of the negotiation is still under wraps. Both companies will have to go through the contracts of the image models and whatnot before they can finalize everything. But for now, the Samsung Haptic Pop will be the first F4 mobile ad you’ll see followed by a new unit from LG.


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