Goo Hye Sun’s scene after discharge from hospital


Goo Hye Sun, who was hospitalized after a car accident, returned to “Boys Over Flowers” filming after her discharge. The scene that she shot was necessary for episode 17.

The episode that aired on the 3rd contains Goo Hye Sun’s acting after her discharge. This is the scene where Goo Jun Pyo(Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Hoo(Kim Hyun Joong), Ha Jae Kyung(Lee Min Jung) and Geum Jandi(Goo Hye Sun) are at a restaurant, and Jae Kyung ends up entering a Ramen eating competition.

In this scene that lasted for 4 minutes, Goo Hye Sun acted without saying a word. Despite concerns, the swelling was barely noticeable. The only problem was that everything was a bit unnatural due to her injury that has not yet fully healed.

Originally, Jandi and Jae Kyung were supposed to eat the Ramen together. However, due to Goo Hye Sun’s injury, the script was modified so that only Jae Kyung had to eat it.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is doing everything she can to recover from her injury. Thankfully, the swelling has almost completely gone down, but she still has problems when it comes to talking. On February 27th, Goo Hye Sun was hospitalized after a car accident. After receiving stitches for a tear in her lip area, she remained in the hospital until March 2nd.

written by:김형우
translated by: dunlop09

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