Homeless Song Woo Bin: “Boys Over Flowers Extra?”


Viewer’s protests about Song Woo Bin’s(Kim Joon) air time on the drama “Boys Over Flowers” continues.

Episode 17 that aired on the 3rd, contained a scene where Jandi(Goo Hye Sun) and Ji Hoo(Kim Hyun Joong) witness Goo Joon Pyo(Lee Min Ho) and Ha Jae Kyung’s(Lee Min Jung) kiss.

There were scenes that included So Yi Jung(Kim Bum), his brother So Il Hwan(Lim Joo Hwan), his father(Kim Jong Jin), and Cha Eun Jae(Park Soo Jin).

But Song Woo Bin, who is a part of the F4, only appears in one cut. Viewers are complaining that he is no different than an extra.


5 Responses

  1. i think yi jeong so cute!!!!!!!

  2. hi

  3. i think all of you are cute except for Gu Jun Pyo because his hair
    is curled even though in the meteor garden anime his hair is really curled! thank you

    I think ji hoo,yi jung,and woo bin
    are the cutest in boys over flowers!

  4. hi i’m anne i am a total fan of boys over flowers! and i really like woo bin! hehe!

  5. hi.im kie i realy like yi jung and jun pyo becuse her is very cute!!!

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