Goo Hye Sun’s response to the rumors of her dating Lee Min Ho

Goo Hye SUn

On the morning of the 6th, Goo Hye Sun was interviewed over the phone, “I saw the report in the morning. It’s true that we are close, but I’m surprised people thought we were dating. I think they are trying to make sure I never get married (laughs). We’re both optimistic people, so we’re planning on just laughing it off.”

When she first heard the news, rather than being confused, Goo Hye Sun found herself laughing. While starring in “Boys Over Flowers”, she has had more than one false rumors spread about her love life. Though she seemed calm throughout the scandal, she admitted her feelings of regret.

“Lately when I am doing interviews, a lot of people ask me about Min ho. Min Ho told me that when he does interviews, he gets asked about me as well. And in those situations, various topics can come up. I have filming with Min Ho today, and it may get awkward. But we’ve gotten close over the few months we’ve worked together. So I think we can be cool about it, and get past this.”

Lee Min Ho also expressed his disappointment through a representative, “We are close, but I was really caught off guard by the rumors. Just because two people are close, it doesn’t mean they have to go out.”

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  1. It should be better if they start dating….

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