Lee Hyo Ri to return in five days

Singer in the United States has returned five days after a recharge.

Lee Hyo RI-AM six days of the “Lee Hyo Lee and relaxation during your stay in the United States was a combination of” the “Lee Hyo Lee for a while the future of the SBS ‘family outing’ concentrate on shooting,” he said.

Lee Hyo-February 27 Moe’s fashion photo shoot and the rest of the car left for Las Vegas, 6 nights and 7 days after the schedule has arrived at Incheon International Airport the morning of June 5.

Lee Hyo Lee the current SBS ‘Good Sunday’ Best Deals’ family outing ‘yun jong sin, yu jaeseok in China appeared to be fixed with Daesung bakyejin yicheonhui disc. ‘Family outing” is now the terrestrial 3’s most popular among all the performing arts program is running.

The “Lee Hyo-ri 4th album is planned to announce, yet did not go for the specific” but “after the new album but you will get to work,” she said.

source: 5bluebirds


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