Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun Enveloped In Rumors Of Romance

Talent Lee Min Ho (22) has been surrounded by rumors of various relationships. And now there are rumors about his involvement with current ‘Boys Over Flowers’ co-star Koo Hye Sun.

However on the 6th, a representative of Lee Min Ho denied the rumors stating, “The news reports don’t have any truth to them. Playing their roles, they are seen together while filming many scenes. And this is where the rumors of a relationship stems from.”

Koo Hye Sun’s representative rejected the rumors as well, “They’re close but not dating. The rumors have surfaced because of the drama’s popularity.”

In the meantime, Lee Min Ho playing F4’s leader, Goo Jun Pyo and Koo Hye Sun playing Geum Jan Di are an on screen couple. Lee Min Ho revealed that, “age doesn’t matter but an elegant woman with a fair complexion” is his ideal type of woman.

credit: Newsen


18 Responses

  1. i think these two shud really date. she has nice complexion and could be elegant in her cute ways ^_^ Teeeheee! x

  2. waw..that is really nice and i hope they get together..they look nice as couple 😀

  3. yes,i hope they will be a real couple..

  4. →ReallY A PErfeCt CouplE..LovE iT[it MakEs mE moReCraZy]GrRr.r..r.R?

  5. they are really a cute couple

  6. ..,,they are really cute couple!!
    ..,,hope its true!!
    ..,,they are match!!!
    ..,,i like goo hye sun and lee min ho!!

  7. ..,,i’ll go for nuel’s coomment..,,
    ..,,yeah hope it’s real in their life..,,
    ..,,they are totally match..

  8. ..,,hope it’s not just a rumor!!!..
    ..,,true to life please!!!

  9. ………i like both of them…..
    ………they are really perfect to one another,,,,
    i hope that those rumors will become fact in the future…hehehe!!!!!

    …… i was amaze on how they produce this manga series….
    …….among the F4 version, this is the best for me…..
    …..they make it on their own style….
    indeed, they also give their best efforts to catch their viewer’s attention…what a nice work!!!!!!!good job….



  11. nooo.. akin lng c lee min ho!!! hehehe… at first, i hated jandi’s hair but then eventually, it kinda grows on me. What i really like about her is her sunny/bubbly personality.. i feel like thats her “REAL” personality that somehow radiates. i like her alot now.. if the two of them are together… then its really awesome!!! luv em both!!!

  12. im a big fan of boys over flower..
    i really like him because of his smile….
    LEE MIN HO is a great actor….

  13. they are really perfect to each other..
    love them both……….

  14. hi!!! 2 all
    i will great 2 all a happy weekend
    and lee min ho can i mee u???
    ok alwayss take care 2 all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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