CD Japan Top 10 CD Chart Ranking

Tohoshinki occupied four spaces in the top 10 CD charts on CD Japan today with 4 different versions of their soon to be released CD’s.. Unfortunately none of those CD’s were ranked number 1 and neither was their upcoming 27th single ‘Survivor’.

The ‘Secret Cord’ jacket A (Ok.. isn’t it secret CODE?! I’m confused but that’s what it says on CD Japan), was ranked second after fellow label mate Ayumi Hamasaki who had the number 1 spot. The other positions in which Tohoshinki occupied included 4th place with their single ‘Share The World/We are!’ jacket A, ‘Secret Code’ jacket C at 9th place and ‘Secret Code’ jacket B at 10th place.

Their single ‘Survivor’ which is to be released three days from now occupied the 14th position on the chart.

This is a pretty good result considering that other artists on the top 10 chart are extremely popular artists in Japan, including Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru and Koda Kumi.


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