KARA wins Mutizen at Inkigayo, After MCountdown, KARA number 1 at Inkigayo


On the 8th of March, KARA won the mutizen at Inkigayo for their single , taking it away from Big Bang’s Seungri who has been holding the number 1 spot for past 3 weeks. Last Thursday, KARA won their first number one place at Mnet’s Mcountdown, making this their second win since their debut.

After receiving their Mutizen, they expressed their gratitude by saying “Thank you very much. We don’t know what to say. DSP Family, our lovable members with whom together we worked hard for. We want to share our happiness with Shindong and Kim Shin Young sunbaenims. To our fans, we love you. This is all because of you.” The members were tearing as they were saying their thank you speech.

They also added “This is a feeling of happiness that we can’t really believe. To the Unni’s who make us beautiful with makeup, to our parents who raised us, to our fans, thank you very much.”

This weeks Take 7 contenders were F.T Island, Fly to the Sky, Shin Hye Sung, Lyn, Wheesung, Hwayobi”

translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic


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