Lee Sung Jin “Along with JiHoon and HyeSung, I’m also ‘ggotnam,’ include me in F3”

Singer and actor Lee Sung Jin (NRG) revealed that he wants to join in the ranks of “ggotminam.”

Lee Sung Jin on the March 8th recording of SBS’s Six Sense appeared alongside with Oh Young Shil. She, seeing the side-by-side team made up of Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sung commented that “The two together are exactly like an F2,” admiring their strapping figures and elegant features.

Lee Sung Jin who was next to her noted, “I’m also next to you …” and caused everyone to laugh by saying “Put me in to make F3.” Lee Sung Jin also complained of Oh Young Shil unjustness, asking, “Why are you only looking at two people (Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sung)?”

Additionally, while they were trying to figure out a question regarding Barcelona, Shin Hye Sung asked “Is there really a athlete/team from our country that is related to this city?”

Shin Hye Sung asking a second time “There’s a person related?” caused Oh Young Shil to take on her character in the drama “Wife’s Temptation,” joking “What is this, they’re only F2 in face,” expressing her disappointment, causing all others to burst out laughing.

송윤세 knaty@newsen.com Eng trans: nekori


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  1. i love Lee Sung jin. of course he can the perfect F3 !!!

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