35.5% is the new magic number for Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over FLowers

Owing to a combination of several factors, KBS ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ has attained a new high of 35.5% viewership in yesterday’s broadcast of episode 18, the most since its debut, and at the same time making it victorious against SBS’s daily drama “Temptation of Wife”.

“Temptation of Wife” was affected by the showing of “World Baseball Classic” (WBC) and hence lost to “Boys Before Flowers” by a narrow margin of 0.3%. Apart from this, the other reason for “Boys Before Flowers” triumphant, was the no-broadcast of “East of Eden”, which was also stopped due to WBC. The special episode of SBS “Princess Ja Myung Go”, aired yesterday only obtained a single digit number, as common with all special episodes.

Despite the complaints of many viewers about the increasingly “torturing” storyline and characters development, the ratings still made an increase to a new high. Some viewers expressed outrage against the plot development, especially y that of Jae Kyung, who was supposed to be a lovable and innocent character but seemingly tried to cling onto Joon Pyo even after knowing the truth about Joon Pyo – Jan Di love. (Need factual checks as I don’t really know the story of Hana Yori Dango). She has garnered alot of hate as of now. Personally, I feel that she is just an attestment for the love between Joon Pyo and Jan Di, so well, don’t hate Jae Kyung or Lee Min Jung. Blame the screenwriter if you must, because I too, feel that the plot has been relatively poor since episode 13. The supposed upcoming rumoured ‘wedding’ of Joon Pyo and Jae Kyung or Jan Di and Ji Hoo, depending on which version of the story, doesn’t really help in any way as well.

Credit: Hanfever


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