Super Junior “Let the music fix the popularity gap between the members”

SUper Junior
Judging before listening, It’s upsetting!! Listen first!

Idol Group Super Junior is coming back as the ‘real Super Junior’. They will be back as singers which their image was covered from variety shows and they will show an image of 20 year old males that are mature, manly, and sexy.


The album ‘Sorry Sorry’ released this Thursday 12th’s title song title song uses the word ‘Sorry’ repeated with catchy beats making the song very addictive. This song is something that would be heard in clubs and is trendy. They’re plan is to come out musically.

Super Junior’s Centre, going to be found

This album’s plan is to find Super Junior’s centre in an effort to show the people Super Junior’s colour and talent. Through unit groups they have done ballads, trot, and catchy summer songs but it is self evaluation that they haven’t done anything that appeals as Super Junior’s style of music.

“Showing our different colours through unit groups is our strong point but I think the colour has gone too back and forth. I think we haven’t been able to find our centre so we want to really do this properly this time. Through ‘Rokkugo’ we’re seen as a bright group but we dream to be seen as manly like ‘U’ times” (Leeteuk)

This song is seen to be more popular and more hopeful than ‘U’. ‘Sorry Sorry’ boasts of a more extreme chorus than SNSD’s ‘Gee’ where the chorus repeats ‘Gee Gee Gee Gee’. The chorus repeats ‘Sorry’ while also portraying a manly, tough image

We liked the 1st and 2nd album but we had very slight suspicions. Will our intentions be delivered 100%? There should be some people who hate our music. However, this time, we ourselves have grown and developed and we are sure. We didn’t consider the popularity or anything, but when we heard the song, we all were like ‘this is it'” (Kangin)

Variety image? It’s ok

Most of Super Junior’s members have stacked their popularity from appearing in variety shows. Super Junior jokes around and show colourful personalities in variety shows which is their trade mark, making them regulars on shows.

“We were working hard and have been rising to the top through variety programs. With that, we looked light and we felt that we were falling behind musically. However, we are highlighting our musicality in the 3rd album and worked hard to show it. We’re not trying to lower our music for variety but higher our music up to our variety standard.’ (Sungmin)

“Our members had a hard time with that variety image at one point. Here we have to be funny while there we have to be cool. We thought we could do it but because we went this way and that too much, there were times where we got confused. Now I think we can find our centre’ (Leeteuk)

Just Listen

The thing that Super Junior was most concerned about was the people’s bias. They are concerned that because of their bias, they will judge before they listen. If they overcome that, Super Junior is confident that they will have new achievements.

credit: suju1106♥ @

# Find Super Junior’s own *core*

The goal of this album is finding Super Junior’s own *core*, Super Junior’s color and effort to be able to receive support from everybody. Through unit-groups activities, fans can see variety kind of musics like Trot, Ballad, Summer dance but SJ’s music hasnt appealed people yet because of not having its own style.

LeeTeuk : “Through unit-groups activities you can see variety of SJ’s colors but those colors has come and gone. We havent had our own color yet, so this time we want to do it properly. You can see our brightful image in “Rokuko” but we’ve dreamed of a manly image like “U”

KangIn : “Although I like Vol1 and 2 but I still wonder that whether our intention was deliveried to fans 100% or not. There might be people who still dont like our music. This time, I can be sure that we has improved so much, just listen to our music and you can feel it.

# Entertaiment image ? It’s OK

Many Super Junior’s members appeared in variety entertainment fields and get a lot of popularity. Fans can see the funny image that SJ’s members worked hard to show in those shows.

SungMin : “We’re famous because we showed our flexibility in entertainment shows, but also because of that, people think that we lowered our music. So this time we’ve put on so much effort in our music. And it’s not that we lower the entertainment side because of music, we just increase the importance of music to be as much as entertainment”

LeeTeuk : “In the beginning, all the members had a hard time with this thing. We have to be funny in this show but cool in another. We used to think that we can do both well but because the image changes so fast, we got confused sometimes. So now we’ll focus on finding our *core*”

# Please listen to it for once

LeeTeuk : “Many people asked me about popularity gap between members, but it has planned before. Some members are concentrate on variety show while the others concentrate on music, both will bring you the high popularity. But in fact we all have good voice. This time, we recorded our album with Hwanhee (Fly to the sky’s Fanny) sunbaenim so you’ll be surprised “I dont know that Super Junior can do well like this”

LeeTeuk : “In fact I read all the comments about our songs, I feel sad because there are people who never listen to our songs but still talk about them. I really want to say to many people who said “It’s so childish” before listening to SJH’s “Cooking cooking” that please listen to it just for once”

After debuting for 4 years, SJ are still as bright and funny like before, but with “Sorry Sorry”, they’ve been more manly to be able to overcome the prejudice of many people.

credit: translated by evanesco


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