Pati-Pati April Issue : Junsu’s Personal Interview

― If Junsu is already 25 years old?
3 years from now. Personally, I want to get married.

― Marriage!
25 years old, being Dong Bang Shin Ki. I want to own as many things in life and there are a lot I want to achieve. But above all, I want to be an adult.

― Junsu being an adult, right now I can’t imagine it at all (laughs).
Okay! Three years later, I will surely turn into a real man!

― If Junsu doesn’t change, it will be difficult to avoid the tease from Changmin (laughs) *.
Eventhough it’s difficult. I will try!

― So Junsu really wants to grow up so fast, huh?
There is some part of me that want it to, while the other is not really.

Ah, yes, but I also want it to be. I think, men in their 30s is just like in a game.
How faithful are you next in your 30, depends on how you take care your 20s first.
Your 20s is like a preparation period for you to overcome your 30s. You want to play a lot, but there’s limit.
So, facing a lot of challenges with efforts right now, it’s like a price for finally enjoying what you’ll get in your 30s.
In the 20s, towards your 30s, you’re in a position where you can achieve any goal, and when you can also change dramatically.

― Now it’s the first time Junsu looks so mature (laughs). I thought Junsu who just said such things like that wasn’t the same person.
Eu kyang kyang! (laughs)

― Huh? now you’re knocked back? Now it’s coming to the age of 30, how’s your state to act? *
I mean, it’s somewhat painful but I’m fine.

― Changmin’s act is just difficult to resist it? *
Yes, do not care.

― So, that means, it might not be a bother.
Eu kyang kyang (laughs). Anyway, I will try anything!

source: sharingyoochun
japanese to korean translations by: tami@beyondyuchun
korean to english translations by: sharingyoochun


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