Pati-Pati April Issue : Yunho’s Personal Interview

― Yunho when he is 25 years old, what does he want to be?
That’s only two years in the future. By that time, aside from Dong Bang Shin Ki, I’m going to travel to many countries

― To where, for instance?
Greece, Las Vegas, Bora Bora, Maldives…….. I really like those countries, hence I want to visit them.
I have not yet seen Greece but from pictures, I think it is very interesting.

― That’s the country of history. Let say you have some time, then how long will you need to take the trip?
I need more than 1 month.

― As a Dong Bang Shin Ki, how can you believe that you will have such a long vacation?
Somehow I have to. I’ll try to, staffs, please let me to (laughs).

― So it will be a private travel, not for work?
Of course. Even it’s fun to go with friends, but if possible I want to go alone.

― Travelling alone, that must be something special.
I don’t want to go as Dong Bang Shin Ki’s U-Know Yunho. I want to travel as an ordinary human, as an ordinary man.

― So being a simple tourist or just simply relax, it’s a trip where you can reveal yourself and not necessarily hide your face.
Yes. Some people takes this idea wrongly, they think that I’m just too full of myself.
However, despites my busy life, I want to regain the feeling of what actually I want to do, I want to confirm that to myself once more.

― It’s so important if you keep running (for your dream), but there are times when you just want to stop for a while.
No matter how tough you are, sometimes you can become so weary.

― Your power won’t be released if you’re not charging yourself properly
In fact, I still think that now is the time for me to keep running in full speed. However, whenever I lost my energy, I’ll do this travel thing.

Power could properly be charged at that time, and it will influences myself in the future as well, I think.

source: sharingyoochun
japanese to korean translations by: Tami@beyondyuchun
korean to english translations by: sharingyoochun


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