U-Kiss Kim KiBum, “Kim Hyung Joon is my role model”

Hyung Joon

In the current trend of making idol groups, there is always another new and powerful idol groups coming up. In the ‘multi-national’ group, special article of ‘Brother of SS501’s Kim HyungJoon is in it’ catches the eye.

All 6 members of U-Kiss came together in December 2007. Even though they released their first single ‘I am not young’ last year, it failed to meet their expectations. Their recently released mini album ‘Talk To Me’ wiped away their slump from their first single, and the initial response is good.

Distinguished as a ‘multi-national’ group, it is interesting to first look at the members who formed this group. Shin SooHyun & Kim KiBum are locals. Alexander is born in HongKong, Kevin in USA, Eli studied in China. Alexander who is very interested in languages, has a good command of 7 languages including Cantonese, Pekingese, English, Spanish, etc. DongHo studied in Beijing for 4 years and can speak really fluent Mandarin. They had to use their body language initially when they were unable to communicate with language.

“We had a lot of trivial misunderstandings initially because we are not able to communicate between the members. Now, we help each other in learning languages.”

SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s younger brother KiBum has strong support from his brother. His brother is still his biggest supporter now. Giving him pocket money when he asks for and encouraged him by saying ‘If you work hard, it will turn out well”.

“My brother is my role model. One day, together with my grandmother, I read the diary that my brother had written during his days as a trainee. I knew that the success of my brother today is because he had a lot of difficulties during his trainee days. After I read that, I see my brother as even more fantastic person.”

Credits : isplus + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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